You Never Know…

My mom and I are having a garage sale the first week of June so I have decided to finally go through all the boxes downstairs and “unpack” from when we moved in last September. While sorting through some boxes I found my old journals documenting my life from about fourth grade through my freshman year of high school. They are humiliating. I am destroying them all. It is amazing what you can block out of your memory because I certainly do not remember being the person writing those journal entries. I did, however, find one great entry on August 4, 1998. Here is what I said:

DB is the biggest cutie! I “heart” him lots. Actually, I don’t know him that well. But he is so cute and sweet. (K. Thomas, age 15)


For anyone who does not know, I’ve known D since we were about 13 years old. LITERALLY, every girl in our youth group liked him at some point which he says he was completely oblivious. I’ve always said that I was the only one who did not have a crush on him at some point but I guess I was wrong.

I tore the entry out and gave it to D. We got married on August 5, 2006…almost exactly eight years after I wrote those words. I still “heart” him lots.

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