We’re Goin’-Goin’, Back-Back to Cali-Cali

The title of this post is a shout out to our friend, Ross.

We are headed to Pasadena to visit Dave, Amanda, Mason and Willow. Last time D was in Cali, Mason was not even born and last time I was there, he was only 3 weeks old. Now, we are headed out there to meet Willow, the newest Baughman. And because every good blog post needs some pictures, here you go…

In June 2005, when we were out in California; I was really into Jessica Simpson then and was following her trend of really big sunglasses. Those were the good old days when Nick and Jessica were still together and Newlyweds was still on TV.
Meeting Mason for the first time – lots of love:
One of my favorite pictures of Mason:
Expect the next post to be filled with adorableness!

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