We’re Alive

We are a little bit tired but we are alive. We have had a lot of fun getting to know M and T over the past couple weeks. It was overwhelming at first but we are getting to know their little personalities. T is pretty happy as long as he is fed and even happier if someone is holding him. He sleeps pretty well and we are getting enough sleep. M has really warmed up to us in the past few days. She has a fun little attitude (that maybe won’t be so fun once she starts talking more) and she loves girly things. I’m pretty tempted to put her in a dress every day. Oh, how I am eating my own words? I have always said I wanted boys but girls are just fun.

We are not sure how long they will be with us but we know it will be much longer than our last placement. We are having weekly visits right now with their mom.

I am still in awe of all the love and support that has been showered on us. Thanks for the meals, the extra arms, and prayers. A few ways you could specifically pray for us:

1. We have a newborn. Holy cow. Although we are licensed for infants, we never really thought we would get one. So, if you know anything about newborns, I think you know why we are asking you to pray.

2. Pray for M. She does not really talk yet although we hear a few words sometimes. She obviously has a lot more to say than she is able to express and this can be really frustrating for her and for us. She is also having a really hard time falling asleep (once she is asleep, it is usually fine). I just keep asking God to give her peace. And some words would be nice too.

3. Pray for their birth mom. I’m not going to say much here but, please, just pray for her. We all tend to judge parents who have had children taken away but once you meet a person and know her face, it is a lot harder to pass those judgements.

4. Keep on praying for S. We hear that he is doing well and we are hoping to get to talk with him soon.

{I’ve written two other posts (well, started them). My brain is kind of fuzzy so I need D to read them first to make sure they make sense.}

3 thoughts on “We’re Alive

  1. Praying for you and all involved!

    My only advice for you is that maybe try and teach M some “baby signs.” If you can teach her the signs for: more, all done, help, please, milk, eat, drink, mommy(?)” you and she will both probably have some relief from the frustration. These are all super easy to learn from a video dictionary…….


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