Weird Updates and a Rant

A few quick weird updates:

  • Unfortunately, “The Renewed Mind is the Key” video was taken down so we can’t watch it anymore. Very sad because that video was awesome.
  • Unless you click here and you can stream it.
  • Also, it’s not funny cheesy Christians who made this, but a cult like group called The Way International. They are from somewhere in Ohio and, according to there Wikipedia page… have some weird crazy views. For example, Jesus is Savior and the Son of God, but not actually God. They also believe in two different Holy Spirits (one is capitalized and one is not). They also have some views on things that I don’t even understand how they came up with. I’m not commenting on it, because it’s that weird. Plus this is a family friendly blog.

On to my rant:

Please know that I do not consider myself extremely smart or better than others (now you think this is going to be some rant about how awesome and smart I am). I just want to make that clear. Here is my problem. The entire nation seems to be very involved, interested, passionate, etc. about this upcoming election and I think it is ridiculous. My problem is that we (Christians) seem to get so excited about political candidates (no matter what side you fall on) thinking that they will make the change needed. We buy in to everything they sell. It really is ridiculous.

In Luke 20 the scribes and high priests send spies to try and trip Jesus up. They ask him whether they should pay taxes to Caesar. I have heard this used before to talk about how we should vote as Christians. Sure. However, I don’t believe the overall point of the passage is about voting or being involved in the nation we find ourselves in (politics included). Jesus responds to the question by saying in verse 23-25,

“Show Me a denarius. Whose image and inscription does it have?”
“Caesar’s,” they said.
“Well then,” He told them, “give back to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.”

Jesus asks whose “image and inscription” are on the coin. The obvious answer is Caesars. But the greater point is that those who were listening, as Jews, when they heard “image and inscription” would know that they are the image and design of God. They are completely God’s. Give to Caesar his small coins as tax, but give to God your complete life because you are His.

I just think that we get so excited about politics when it is clear that God has called us, His Church – a body of believers – to impact the world. God deserves to get the time, attention, excitement, passion, etc. that we are giving the political scene. I want to care far more about the role of the God’s Church in the world (not just America) than I do in which political candidate I think will produce the most change (which the cynic in me thinks is not all that much anyway). Personally I think, for the most part, we’ve done a really bad job of this.

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