Valentine’s Music Mix (but they aren’t really love songs)

K does not require much for Valentine’s day, which is great. She cares far more about her birthday – for those that don’t know, her birthday is this Thursday, so mark your calendars. Anyways, for Valentine’s day we just decided to buy 15 songs off itunes for each other. So, I chose the music for K and she chose the music for me. It wasn’t really love songs, just songs we thought the other person would like or songs that we had mentioned we liked before. Here’s what K bought me:

Keep the Car Running – by Arcade Fire (I really like this song)
Rebellion (Lies) – by Arcade Fire (This is a good song too)
Intervention – by Arcade Fire (I told K I was intrigued by Arcade Fire and these three songs are good)
Silent Sigh – by Badly Drawn Boy (from About a Boy soundtrack – I like the piano in this song)
First Day of My Life – by Bright Eyes (I have a very indie soundtrack so far, which isn’t my typical style, but all the songs are very good. Krysta is rubbing off on me)
So Here We Are – by Bloc Party (This is a cool song)
Helicopter – by Bloc Party (This song is on Guitar Hero 3… I’m not sure why I decided to comment on each song because I’m running out of things to say)
I Still Remember – by Bloc Party (This is a really good song, but the rest of their cd has some really weird songs on it)
Tranquilize – by The Killers (It’s The Killers… the lead singer has a cool mustache)
Shadowplay – by The Killers (I haven’t made it this far in the mix yet so I don’t know much about this song)
Track 1 – by Sigur Ros (I really like listening to Explosions in the Sky when I’m studying… and people who like them like Sigur Ros)
Track 2 – by Sigur Ros (Interesting fact: David Crowder really likes Sigur Ros)
Track 3 – by Sigur Ros (I haven’t heard this complete song yet, but it sounds nice and mellow)
Track 4 – by Sigur Ros (They weren’t very creative with the titles of the songs)
Like a Star – by Corinne Bailey Rae (She has a really good voice)

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