Update: Court

It is a crazy system. We first heard this from T & W on the Foster Parenting Podcast and it is something we say often.

Just moments before the trial, everything changed. We were there for a while before court began but could tell from the conversations going on in the waiting area between lawyers and social workers that the case was now heading toward reunification. This was the opposite of what we had been anticipating.

After hearing testimony and finding out more information during the hearing, we are truly at peace with the judge’s decision to reunify M & T with their birth mother. It was a shock at first but we definitely feel like it was the right decision. We are so glad we have maintained a positive relationship with their mom and anticipate working as a team to help these kids adjust when they move back home in a few months. They will be having unsupervised and extended visits over the next few months and, as long as all goes as planned, they will reunify with their mom in early fall.

Of course, we are sad as we would have loved to adopt them but God is good. He gave both D and I peace quickly. It will be hard to say good-bye but we get a few more months to love on these kids and develop a stronger relationship with their mom.

We will podcast soon about all of this but right now three of the four of us have a pretty nasty cold. D’s voice, in particular, would sound pretty rough on a podcast right now so we are going to wait until we are feeling a bit healthier.

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