Unplugged: The Last Few Days

Well, we made it the whole week! I meant to post over the weekend but we were so busy. Or at least we made ourselves busy. It was one thing to avoid the TV on weeknights after work but a whole Saturday with nothing planned was a challenge. So, we headed out to Eastern Market. Although shopping for fruits and veggies is not D’s favorite thing, we did get a chance to tour some new lofts that look out over Eastern Market with a view of Ford Field. We had lunch at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak. Oprah recently featured them on her show for “The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich” so I wanted to take D there since he is an expert on grilled cheese. He liked it but I think he would rather have the classic version: white bread and American cheese. We came home for a bit to read and relax. Later, we took the dogs on a walk to Downtown Farmington and made it back home just before it really started raining.

So, what did we learn from Unplugged week. First of all, we didn’t notice the loss as much as we thought we would. Maybe it was because of a particularly busy week but I didn’t find myself missing TV too much. I was tempted to turn it on once to record the new show, Hopkins, but resisted. Secondly, I am replacing Good Morning America with listening to sermons in the morning. Generally, I turn on Channel 7 when I get up and listen to the news while I am getting ready in the morning. A great sermon is a much better way to start the day instead of hearing about the political campaign or some new food or disease to fear. Thirdly, I do have time to read my Bible and pray. Life is busy and there are days where things will get away from me but, most of the time, I really just don’t have a good excuse to not be spending time with God.

I am hoping to do an Unplugged week at least once a year, if not more, and I might add the Internet in next time.

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  1. well done, baughmans 🙂 we survived the week as well, but it does help to be busy with other things. i’m on board for next year!

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