Two Kindergartners & a Preschooler

We received a call from our agency early last week asking us if a little girl, G (age 5), could come stay with us for a few weeks. It is a long story but she has a long-term placement with her brother that is not available until the middle of the month. Since that foster family lives in our city, by staying with us she is able to start kindergarten next week (hopefully) without having to change again when she moves in with them. It has been a little crazy getting all the details worked out but it seems to be coming together.  I asked the boys how they felt about it and, DIB said, “Mom, I will not hit her.” Thanks, buddy. Both DIB and AIB understand that kids come to stay with us from time to time. It has not seemed to affect them much yet but G will be a little different since she is closer to their age than the babies we have cared for in respite. So far, it has been going well. DIB has been especially sweet and kind to her.

Watching TV and holding on to backpacks, which now seem to be needed for everything that we do.

Tomorrow is DIB’s first day of school. We’ve been getting ready by taking tours of the classroom, having a home visit from his teacher and meeting a few new friends. He has been fairly shy at first but I can tell he is already warming up to his teachers since he has met them twice now. The way our district starts for kids in kindergarten is that eight kids from the class go on Tuesday, another eight on Wednesday and another eight on Thursday. On Friday, they will all be there for their first full day as a full class. I’m not sure yet when G will start (her long-term foster family is in the process of getting her enrolled and set up).

AIB starts preschool in a little over a week and I think he is looking forward to it. I’m anticipating some shyness and reluctance from him at first but I think he is going to have a great time. It will be good for him to establish some independence from his brother.

It is safe to say that the person having the hardest time with the boys starting school is me. D just told me earlier today that we will have to drop DIB off and likely won’t be able to walk him into the classroom (he talked to our neighbor and another friend about it and apparently this is how it is done). When he told me this, I said, “No. That is not how it works.” He said, “I’m pretty sure that is how it goes. Are you going to be alright?” My response was, “I don’t want to talk about it” followed by a little crying. I’m weepy; I’m pregnant. I can’t help it. I know DIB is five years old but he has only be here nine months. It is like sending my nine month old to kindergarten in a way. So, yeah, I’m having a bit of a hard time. But we will all make it.

It is possible that G will be our last respite placement before the baby arrives in December. Fall means that D starts school two evenings per week, I head into a busy season at work, and we have a few home renovation projects going on that are going to make life pretty interesting. Never a dull moment at our house. Even though we are tired (okay, maybe, I’m just the one who is tired), I would not change a thing. I absolutely love our life.

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