Twice as Good

Last year this weekend, we woke up one morning and took our two kiddos home to their family. We miss M & T every day but are in contact with their mom so often that we know they are doing so well and so is she. The steps she has taken to be a great mother to them in the past year never fail to impress me. She is amazing.

It was a hard time for us when we had to say goodbye to them even though we were happy to help a family come back together. I could not help but think of all our friends & family who have supported us through the last couple of years since we started doing foster care. I had to play this song a few times this week and think of each of you. Thank you!


when I am down and need to cry till morning
I know just where I am going
when I’m in need of sweet commiseration
to speak out loud

raise a glass to friendship and to knowing
you don’t have to go alone
we’ll raise our hearts to share each others burdens
on this road

with every burden I have carried
with every joy it’s understood
life with you is half as hard
and twice as good

with my good news your dancing on the table
babies born to celebration
the joy of life oh what a sweet communion
shared with you

I know we’re growing older
can you imagine what that will bring
it’s all a mystery to me now
but this one thing

will be half as hard, and twice as good

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