Today D is 27 years old. And I am out of town. What a bad wife.

We celebrated early last weekend by eating at Red Robin (free burger for birthdays) and seeing a violent movie. He could not come up with anything he wanted as a gift so I wrapped up a couple packages of his favorite cookies along with a new t-shirt for college football season. When he unwrapped the gift, he reacted as if it was a brand new fifteen passenger van (the dream-machine of all youth pastors). He is easy to please.

Depending on how long we keep this blog going, you all might tire of our tributes to each other year after year on our respective birthdays. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

Here are three things I appreciate about D, while reflecting on the past year:

1. D is funny. There I said it. Even though at times I like to make him think that he is only entertaining himself, the truth is, he is funny. There is a lot of laughter in our home due to him.

2. D is ridiculously good at his job. The kids in the youth group admire him greatly and I have the privilege of witnessing this week after week. He cares deeply for each kid and wants them to know Jesus Christ personally.

3. D is a hard worker. Because we know that we will likely be parents in a few months, D has packed his schedule with ten credits towards his master degree (this is on top of working full-time) and one of the classes he is taking is Greek. He is enduring four months of lots of work so that he can be around more when he is a dad.

Happy Birthday, D! By the way, your final gift should be arriving in the mail this week (because you bad wife ordered it late).

2 thoughts on “Twenty-Seven

  1. Happy Birthday Dan! Krysta is right…you are funny, you are a great youth pastor and you will be an amazing dad! The only thing wrong with this post Krysta…is that I think you are an awesome wife! 🙂 Thanks for loving my brother the way that you do! He's a lucky guy! 🙂

  2. happy birthday dan, from germany. krysta, i agree dan is funny, everytime i look at him i crack up…also, he must not tell u that he uses those classes to catch up on sleep after staying up late to watch sports.

    love u guys,
    r and e

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