The kids are now with their birth mom a good portion of the week. We knew these long visits would be a transition for them but we did not think about how they would serve the same purpose for us. The first night usually feels like they are with a babysitter but then it gets a little strange to not be in the routine of naps and meals and bedtimes.

I’ve really found myself wanting to connect with other foster parents. I think most moms can relate to wanting to talk about kid stuff with other moms. There are a lot of things I can easily discuss with my friends but there are certain things like birth parent visits and transitions that are more understood by other foster parents. Additionally, being young-ish and not having biological kids makes our situation sort of unique. But, as far as I know, there is no local organization for Christian-foster-parents-who-are-sort-of-young-without-bio-babies. In the same way we came upon foster parenting (through the internet), I’ve been enjoying reading other blogs and listening to another podcast of people in similar situations. Although it is 2010, I still feel a little nerdy “meeting” people online but it is good and convenient way to interact with other foster parents.

Last night, we recorded a podcast about the reunification process and how it is going so far. Thanks for your continue prayers and support. I am sure that the hope and peace we feel about this situation is reflective of those of you who have been asking for that on our behalf.

2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. You guys are def. in my prayers!! Let me know if there’s anything I can do…or if you want to chat!! I know this can’t be easy…

    You are amazing for opening your home to 2 beautiful children, and because of it, I’m sure they have a better understanding of God’s love… I know He used you guys to make a HUGE difference in the kids and bio mom! You kept her children safe and loved, which I’m sure gave Bio Mom peace of mind while she worked things out on her end.

    You are a great example of foster parents and I’m thankful we met via the ‘net! Let me know if you need anything!

    God IS in control!

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