Together for Adoption (Part Two)

I just attended another conference for work in Colorado Springs this week so T4A seems a little foggy. I’m going to use my notes to try to explain Richard Phillip’s message on the doctrine of adoption. Here we go…

Adoption is a radical and legal change of status. In Biblical times, once adopted, all your debts were paid and all allegiances were broken. You were a new person.

All of God’s adopted children have full participation in His family. We are children of God with these rights:

1. We have access to God the Father.
2. God takes it upon Himself as an obligation to care for us.
3. We have the privilege of discipline.
4. We are heirs of the Father.

While I was in Colorado, I visited the church of my former pastor. He mentioned how we see God in everything; His fingerprints are on everything He created. We do not always have the opportunity to verbally share the gospel but we do have the ability to live it out. Adoption is an amazing picture of the great love God has for us. Just as marriage represents a picture of Christ and The Church, adoption is a picture of the Father and His children.

On a separate note, please go listen to this week’s episode of Foster Parenting Podcast. I listened to it on my flight home from Denver and just lost it right there on the plane. My heart is so sensitive to this issue and I could not help but think of our future little ones.

I think D is going to write about the last two sessions.

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