Together for Adoption Conference

While you are all out trick-or-treating on Halloween, D and I will be taking the eleven hour drive down to Greenville, South Carolina for the Together for Adoption Conference. I was able to convince D that we needed to go to this conference. It will be a lot of driving for just one short weekend but I am looking forward to hearing more about “vertical adoption” and “horizontal adoption.” You can read more about that here. If you know anyone in the Carolinas or anyone who may be interested in this subject, please pass on the information about this conference. Together for Adoption is a newly formed coalition of Christian organizations who are somehow involved in orphan care.

3 thoughts on “Together for Adoption Conference

  1. We can’t wait to hear all about it! I wish we could go too (minus the long drive…I don’t envy you on that part)!! Just so you aren’t surprised….El might show up full in costume on your doorstep some random day so she can still trick or treat at Aunt Krysta and Uncle Dan’s. 🙂

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