Together for Adoption 2010

I’ve been hearing the buzz about the Together for Adoption conference on Twitter and Facebook for months now. We went to this conference two years ago (when it was only about 200 people). This year they are expecting one thousand or more. It is encouraging to see a new generation of Christians who are embracing adoption and as more people grow families through adoption, more education (like this conference) will be needed. I love that the church is answering this call but we must understand there is a great deal of learning that must come when you welcome a child from a troubled background or different culture into your family.

This year’s conference is in Austin, Texas. I’ve always wanted to visit but this year seemed out of reach for us. I knew D could not go with his busy schedule and I wasn’t sure we should spend the money for me to go by myself. But then, I saw on Facebook, that W (from Foster Parenting Podcast) was going to be there. We’ve only met in real life once but W feels like a life-long friend to me. I really wanted to see her and D kept saying, “Just go. Don’t worry about the money. You should go.” (A piece of advice to anyone reading this who is single or dating: marry someone who encourages you to pursue your passion. It is a big deal.)

I kept thinking of how I could pull it off and mentioned to my mom that I might go. And, because my mom is great, she offered to go with me. So tomorrow, we are flying to Austin for a weekend of great speakers, seeing my dear friend and quality time together as mother & daughter. I regularly read three of the blogs by the conference’s featured bloggers and I’m hoping to meet them face-to-face as well (and not act like a dork, if I do). I’m thrilled to be able to spend a weekend meeting people who share my passion and being able to learn more about how we can help the millions of children in need around the world.

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children. (Nelson Mandela)

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