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Well, you know that I am reading The Connected Child. And Radical. But I also just finished The Girl in the Orange Dress. I know this seems odd to some to be reading three or four books at a time but it seems to be necessary due to the every growing stack of books next to our bed. I like reading but I also like watching TV and that usually wins out because, well, it is easier to watch TV.

Last night, I came home and suggested we do something different. I talked D into going to Biggby with me to read. This is how I did all my studying in college but D finds it distracting to read in a place where other people are talking and socializing. I also did 80% of my homework growing up in front of the television. For some reason, the background noise helps me focus. D was kind enough to go along with me (although, I think it was a bit easier to convince him since we went to Five Guys for dinner first).

The Girl in the Orange Dress was the second memoir from an adult adoptee that I have read recently. The other was Growing Up Black in White. I really find these books helpful in understanding an experience to which I cannot relate. I really appreciate that there are people who are willing to share their struggles and pain in order that people like me can better understand the kids that come into our lives. I think if you are considering foster care or adoption (or you are already a foster or adoptive parent) you can learn a lot from the other people involved: first mothers, foster children, adopted children and other foster/adoptive parents.

Most of the stack next to my bed are books the deal with adoption, foster care, attachment, transracial families or caring for vulnerable children worldwide. It is my passion so books unrelated to the issue tend to keep dropping to the bottom of the stack. I can’t tell you how long Love in the Time of Cholera has been sitting there.

Although, D has forbidden me from buying any new books or borrowing any more, I’m still wondering if there is anything I should add to my “to read stack”….suggestions? Read anything good lately?

On a separate note, we are hoping to get a call next week about a new placement. I’ve probably been able to read a lot more than usual over the past month since we have not be caring for any kiddos. I think I can speak for the both of us when I say we are very ready to jump back into parenting.

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  1. This is exactly what my bedside looks like as well. Three or four books going. Currently: Nurturing Adoptions by Deborah Gray, a Christian fiction novel (for when I feel like light reading), and of course, The Connected Child. I have read that one already, but it’s there for the book study.

    I finished Radical a couple weeks ago. It took me awhile to digest it all. I’m eagerly waiting to start Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman, and I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla by Marguerite Wright.

    I remember a couple of months ago thinking that I really just wanted to sit somewhere and read something that had nothing to do with adoption, parenting, race issues, or social justice. But I can’t actually make myself do it. 🙂

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