Things I Needed to Hear

We are really slacking on the blogging. So, I will just direct you to other reading material…

I started reading The ABBA Fund blog shortly after we returned from the Together for Adoption conference last November. I really like it because the posts are interesting and readable.

On Monday, Jason Kovacs (the author of the blog), posted these questions:

Do you ever feel as though the magnitude of the need is overwhelming? The task that God has called you too great? Do you ever feel like the disciples when Jesus asked them to feed the hungry multitudes?

My answer to these questions was: YES. This is something that I have been struggling with lately which lead me to continue reading the rest of the post which was a quote from Charles Spurgeon. Two subsequent quotes from Spurgeon were posted as well and I would encourage you to go read them, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed: We Cannot, We Must and We Can.

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