The Results Are In

K has received a grade on her HUGE paper that she wrote for her Masters program and the grade is….

drumroll please


So K is very happy with that and I’m the same because I knew she’d get a grade like that. In fact, everyone who knows K knew she would get a great grade all while she was still thinking things like, “I think I’m doing this paper completely wrong!”

Other good news: Our dog Piper has not pooped or peed in the house in like 3 days. We’re pretty excited about that too.

Update: K didn’t want me to put the grade on here because she doesn’t want to brag about her grade. However, I want to brag about her grade, so I will not remove the fact that she got a 3.8 on a very important paper. So now our thousands of readers know (… or maybe just Jenni, Jeff, and maybe Meghan now).

2 thoughts on “The Results Are In

  1. Or Kelly. I love reading your blogs! Krysta, I am so stinking proud of you! Congrats! And Piper…I’m proud of him too. I know that potty training a puppy is a big job.

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