The Great Escape

Last Sunday night we played a really cool game with our High School youth group. It was a relay race that involved using text messaging to direct teams to different locations around the building. First team done wins. One of the locations that they had to go to was a courtyard in the middle of the building (for those that don’t know, our church offices – as well as youth group meeting location – is in a old elementary school that has closed down).

Here’s the courtyard.

At the end of the night it’s my job to lock up the entire building. As I was going around the building making sure all the doors were shut, one of the kids from the youth group called me. I was about to set the alarm and leave but I remembered that we had used the courtyard and I needed to lock that up. I walked back into the building, while focusing mainly on the conversation I’m having with the student on the phone, and walked into the courtyard and closed the door behind me. I did this thinking the door on the other side was unlocked… it wasn’t. So now I’m locked in the courtyard and everyone is gone. I quickly finished up my phone conversation and started trying to figure out what I was going to do. The tree wasn’t strong enough to climb up so I went with plan B: The kid play structure/tunnel thing.

I flipped it on its end and leaned it against a pole and climbed up it. I made it to where I could grab the roof, but the kid play structure wasn’t sturdy enough for me to push off of. So imagine me dangling from the roof right next to the pole.

I jumped off and came up with a much better plan. I moved it to the corner of the courtyard.

I climbed up the play structure thing again and the tunnel part collapsed so it was just the two box ends on top of each other. However, I could still reach the roof and it was much easier to pull myself up using the walls. I walked across the roof to the front of the building, jumped off, and (knowing first hand the courtyard was securely locked) went to go set the alarm.

I drove away feeling pretty proud of how I escaped until I remembered that I was the reason I was stuck there in the first place. So the lesson: I’m awesome… and an idiot.

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