Thanks, KMart!

My mom and I spent the afternoon (about two hours) taking advantage of KMart’s offer to double coupons up to $2. The KMart we went to did not have the grocery store part but we still got some great deals. A few things about our trip…

1. They don’t make it easy for you. Unlike other stores that are likely to put all of one brand on sale, KMart only selects certain items, in certain quantities. It is a little tricky.
2. Some of their regular prices are definitely higher than other stores.
3. I am pretty sure their sales are regional and I probably should have looked at a local flyer. Many of the deals I saw on Hip 2 Save were not available at my KMart. This was a trip where you take you the WHOLE coupon file with you. You might just run into a deal you did not expect.
4. My cashier said you were only allowed to use 25 coupons; I only had 21 to use so it did not matter to me but I am curious if this is truly enforced.

My best purchases were on dog treats. And as you may know, my dog is basically my child. So Piper did well with this trip.

I know he looks scared of the treats but really he is just focused on D who is bribing him to sit for the picture.

My total at the cash register was about $63. I had a $5 off $50 or more coupon taking it down to $58. Then the cashier entered in the 20 coupons I gave her and my final out-of-pocket expense was $10.95. I cannot tell you how awesome it was to watch the total go down. And I did not buy a single thing that we will not use.

The way I see it, I essentially paid full price for these items:

And got all these for free:

I hope that makes sense; it does in my mind. Sorry if you are totally bored by this post.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, KMart!

  1. Good job, Coupon Lady 🙂 I went back today and every item I wanted to get was out. I scored some free cereal, though. I didn’t owe anything at the register and the computer froze. I’m hoping they restock later this week.

    Is your coupon-clipping motivation back now??

  2. Good job girl!!
    It is awesome when you keep seeing your total go lower and lower!!
    My total was $163 before coupons and $55 after 🙂 It made my day!

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