This past Saturday, Heather and I had planned to go to Café Muse for lunch. We planned this weeks ago which may seem odd to some people but both Heather and I are planners so it only seemed reasonable to put it on the calendar so that we did not make other plans during this crazy, holiday season.

I am notoriously bad with surprises. It is not that I don’t like them but I just have a hard time processing a sudden change. When we walked into Café Muse, I noticed that I had received a voice-mail from a unknown number and I wanted to check it because, at this point, we just don’t know when our agency may call. As I was listening to the opening of the voice-mail, I noticed my sister-in-law sitting at a big table. And then my mom & mother-in-law. And a then my best friend who lives in Ohio. And then the faces of many of my dear friends and little cute boxes with ribbons on the table. Slowly I put the pieces together that this was a surprise for me and I was totally overwhelmed by the love. Apparently, I stared blankly at all of them for several moments before I just started crying.

Due to all the unknowns of our situation, throwing a traditional baby shower was not really an option. Heather had the idea to surprise me by gathering a few members of my family and friends together to celebrate our impending parenthood. The invitation to this event asked each guest to bring a children’s book with a note written in it for our future kid/kiddos. I absolutely love children’s books and I’m looking forward to reading the ones we received with the kids who come to us. They may never truly understand how loved and celebrated they were before they were even known. I am sure there are many foster parents who lack the support system they need.  We are so blessed with an abundance of family and friends (those who were at the luncheon and beyond) who have been so supportive of this unconventional method we are pursuing to grow our family.

D and I fully understand that by pursuing foster care we are opening ourselves up for a lot of complications, frustration and, likely, heartbreak. What I sometimes forget is that, to a certain extent, we are also opening up those who love us to those same risks and the fact that they are not only willing to support this but to celebrate these kids is such a blessing. It is exactly what the Church is supposed to do.  It is another form of obedience toward God’s command to care for orphans.

I should also mention, that after the luncheon my wonderful husband took me to R. Hirt Jr. where we picked out a few old fashioned toys (including a drum we will likely come to regret) and then to the Motown Museum (which I would highly recommend). He also took me to Buddy’s for some delicous gluten-free pizza and then watcheed a chic-flick with me. It was a great Saturday. I felt like Christmas came early.

2 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Love the idea!

    Several folks have asked us what they can get us. Yet, like you mentioned, with so many unknowns it’s really hard to tell them.

    So we’ve started building a generic wish list for folks who might want to help us out once we get our placement.

    But I’m definitely gonna keep this in the back of my mind for friends who might do foster care in the future.

    Thanks for sharing!

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