Summer Camp

Today D and 25 kids from our youth group left for Summer Camp. The same summer camp D and I went to when we were in junior high and high school. I will be joining them tomorrow after work.

D always loved Summer Camp. He would go up early and help set up. I was always hesitant. I would sign up to go because my friends were going and I did not want to miss out on anything. Being the introvert that I am, a week with 200 people freaked me out. One year, one of the youth pastors made me come on stage because I was not doing the hand motions to the song. I nearly DIED!

But, the truth is, I always ended up having a great time. More importantly, summer camp, along with mission trips, were great times of spiritual growth and learning. We are praying and hoping it will be the same for our youth group.

I had to go into the archives for this one, but this is a picture from D and I in high school. I am not sure how this picture was taken since he was way TOO COOL to hang out with me. I can’t believe I am even posting this – it is so bad:

D still has that sweatshirt. I no longer own the hemp necklace.

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