Style Friday

Ever notice the little “Etsy Favorites” widget on the right side of our blog? I am simply obsessed with shopping on Etsy. I find every excuse possible to buy gifts for people just because of Etsy. But because I cannot afford to buy everything I love, I thought I would go ahead and share it with you. Should “Style Friday” become a series, it is probably going to be more geared toward our female readers. D has not developed the same deep love for Etsy. With that said, here are a few favorites:

1. Okay, well, I did actually buy this one. Last weekend, my $7 jacket from Tulle arrived and it is adorable. Except for the buttons – they are little plain and cheap looking (Oh, and I accidentally pulled two of them off already). I wanted something a little bit special and found these lovely vintage metal buttons at Beautiful Living.

2. Gold is back. When I was a teenager, no one was wearing gold but now I am seeing it everywhere. I love chunky jewelry and this ring from Precious Jewelry Design is calling my name.

3. Adorable. I am currently in love with this color combination. In fact, our bathroom is headed in this general direction soon. Can I justify a necklace to match my bathroom? Probably not. Find this and other sorts of adorableness at Just Peachy.

4. Petoskey stones always remind me of fourth grade when we studied Michigan history. Why? Because the petoskey stone is the state stone for Michigan. I picked up a couple of other prints from All Things Grow a few weeks ago at a craft fair downtown. I’d love to add this one to the series but I will just have to wait for now.

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