Style Friday on Sunday

My good friend Marcia asked for my opinion for some art for over their mantel.  Here is what her space looks like now:

She did not ask me to write a blog post about this but it has been a while Style Friday and I’ve been pretty inspired by Young House Love lately so I thought I’d take a shot at it. The picture that is currently over their fire place is being moved to their freshly painted loft area on the second level of their home. Marcia’s only requirements were that the art contain greens, oranges and browns.

Marcia is very Italian and has a European taste for things so when I saw this on Etsy, I though it may be something she would like:

A Day in Venice – this is actually three prints and they can be done in various sizes. In nice modern frames with simple matting, they could look lovely in Marcia & Matt’s space.

Timeless Idyll – another lovely photo from Etsy. The orange is pretty subtle in this photo but I find it very calming and I think the “lightness” (is that a technical term?) of it would contrast well with Marcia’s dark curtains. Also available in various sizes.

Orange Calla Lily – this is pretty similar to what they have now but with brighter colors.

Towards Autumn & Summer Tree – both of these prints have a lot of color. They would need to be framed but they are a great price.

So, that’s my opinion, Marcia! I hope you find something you love for your home.

2 thoughts on “Style Friday on Sunday

  1. Krysta,

    I love those pictures! My favorite is the Day in Venice picture. I emailed the Etsy artist to see what the cost of framing the art would be. Matt loves it too (that’s the trick…to find something I like and he likes)!

    It is perfect because it has orange, green, brown, and blue…which are all colors in my living room. I just found my Christmas present (from Matt). Thanks, Krysta!

    Love, Marcia

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