Style Friday

I decided to take a different route this week with Style Friday. Instead of things I want to buy (but usually don’t) I thought I would post things that I already own. These are some of my favorite items that have been gifted to me. There are many more but I figured I would save those for another week.

1. This little glass cup was given to me by Meredith as a thank you for watching her dog (aww, RIP Maggie). I believe its intended purpose is a candle holder but I use it to hold the rings and earrings that I wear on a regular basis. I think it was from Anthropologie and, you know, you just can’t go wrong there.

2. D gave me this Ansel Adams print sometime early in our dating relationship. I love it and it made me think, “He must know me pretty well to know I would love a picture of a sad, lonely tree.”

3. Meghan gave me these “twigs” (I don’t really know what they technically are) as a thank you gift for helping with her baby shower. They add just the perfect amount of color to the shelf above our television. They are not nearly as beautiful as her baby but they do the trick for our house.

4. Oh, Heather. You may just be my style soul mate. These earrings were a birthday gift and I’m pretty much basing my entire life around them now. I buy clothes depending on how they will look with these darlings from Brooke Marton. The unexpected color scheme of these earrings just makes me happy.

4 thoughts on “Style Friday

  1. hey! i saw your vase of "twigs" and remembered that my grandma has some and she calls it "bittersweet." i think that's the name of the tree it comes from. i love it!

  2. style soul mate,

    thanks for the shout out 🙂 i love the earrings…and pretty much everything else you've ever put on your etsy favorites. good taste!

  3. I am honored to have made it onto your blog. I am also a fan of the "cup," as you call it. It IS intended to be a candle holder…but I love that you are creative enough to use it for something much more worth while!!

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