Style Friday

I just went out a few weeks ago and bought some thread and needles. There were none in my house. Up until this point, I’ve been taking every pair of pants that needed to be hemmed, every button that needed to be replaced, and every couch that needed recovering to my mother. Just one more reason I will never leave Michigan.

But my growing love for Etsy has exposed me to fabric. Specifically, I have become aware of two fabric designers whose work I love: Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler. I would love to know how one becomes a fabric designer. And now I am determined to sew just so I can use some of these lovely options.

Here are a few of my favorites from Mr. Dewberry:

And a few from Ms. Butler:

One thought on “Style Friday

  1. Krysta, I love your Style Friday and feel more fashionable because of it! Decorating doesn't come naturally to me, especially since I never put myself in a position to become better at/think about it. (You'll see when you come visit. We can't wait, by the way!) So thanks for helping this mom of two toddlers to remember the outside world of style!

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