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I watched about half of the Emmy Awards on Sunday night. A few of my favorite shows won big awards. I thought Jimmy Falon was pretty good. I thought Tina Fey was robbed (but, I’ll admit, I overly identify with Liz Lemon so I think Tina should win just about everything). I probably watch too much TV. My viewing goes in spurts though since we don’t have cable and rely on Hulu and Netflix to catch up on shows. I’m usually a season or so behind on things but I’ve come to prefer watching shows on DVD without the commercials and all the waiting to find out what happens next week.

I don’t have a lot of patience, you see, which is why I prefer television to movies these days. It takes a really good movie to hold my attention.

But this is a post about fashion. There were lots of navy blue dresses worn on that evening and I loved them all. Julie Bowen was definitely my favorite but all the ladies in navy looked just lovely.

As lovely as these dresses are, navy is pretty safe and I appreciate someone who takes a fashion risk.

I saw all these ladies pop up on “worst dressed” lists but I have to disagree. It is nice to see something besides the norm and each of these ladies have the personality to pull it off. Perhaps the most “talked about” dress was January Jones. It grew on me the more I saw it. We can’t expect her to dress like Ms. Betty Draper all the time.

So there you have it: a fashion opinion from someone who spends most of her week in black yoga pants and a t-shirt. Usually accented with a bit of spit-up or food stains. I’m not complaining. The thought of walking a red carpet is just terrifying to me and I’m content to live vicariously through these women a few award shows a year. I’m quite happy in my world.

*Photos from InStyle

2 thoughts on “Style Friday

  1. Oh, Krysta, we just do not agree on this! Haha! I was horrified by January’s dress. The others on the worst dressed weren’t so bad, but still worthy of being on the worst dressed, I thought. Lauren Graham knows better!!! I agree with you that Julie Bowen looked gorgeous. She is timeless!

  2. I agree with pretty much everything Rachel had to say, although I was a fan of the color of January’s dress. My favorite of the night goes to….Claire Danes!! Thought she looked stunning!

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