Style Friday

Yeah, I think there are going to be more Style Fridays in our future. Since I needed to take a serious break from Etsy this week, we are going to go a different route.

Our bathroom is nearing a facelift. We are not knocking out any walls or doing anything major. Just a little paint and new fixtures. Here is the current state of our bathroom:

Can’t really tell what the first picture is, right? Well, it is what is left of our towel bar. The second picture is our window with curtain rod (but no curtains).


We decided when all the bulbs burnt out in the very ugly light fixture then it was time to redecorate. And there are only two bulbs left so I guess it is time.


Our cabinets are going to be painted a very nice shade of chocolate brown (like most of the other furniture in our house). I still like our shower curtain but it is a little short. I have big plans to add on a colorful, wide hem with some Amy Butler fabric (to match the curtains, of course).

One of my favorite bloggers just did a bathroom makeover and her readers were vicious. But she has a few more readers than we do. I am hoping you will all be kinder. Stay tuned…

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