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I think I have mentioned before how much I enjoy my co-workers. They are fun and make work so enjoyable. We are a small non-profit with an all female staff and mostly female volunteers. The other staff women have children around my age and two of them are nurses. Besides our moms, they are the best resource for all my kid-related questions. I get child-rearing advice from them in exchange for providing them answers to their computer related questions. No, I’m not an IT professional but they seem to think I am.

In my “youthfulness,” I’ve mentioned that we might want to expand our dress code at work to include jeans. The clients we serve are young (usually under 25). After thinking about it some more (and after one of our volunteers brought it up), we voted at our little staff meeting on Tuesday to allow “work appropriate denim” in the dress code. I was so excited that I spent one of the kids’ nap times this week designing “work appropriate denim” looks for each of them on Polyvore.

For our boss, the Executive Director…

For yours truly, the Director of Advancement…

For our resident foodie and Director of Client Services…

And for our Nurse Manager, who actually wears scrubs to work but I didn’t want to leave her out…

What a stylish group. Of course, I did not take into consideration the cost of any of these pieces while designing the looks. All the bags in these sets are well over $1,000. As one co-worker put it, this was like playing grown-up paper dolls. You may notice there is drink ware in each of the sets. We like to match of coffee mugs at work to our outfits. I know two the sets have wine glasses (we do not drink wine at work) but that was just a little something fun for me and my foodie-mentor.

All the talk at work about denim got me thinking about Levi’s new jeans I had heard about on a style blog. I stopped in at Levi’s this week to have them measure me and determine my “Curve ID”.  One of their Curve ID Fit Experts (i.e. the 17 year old girl working there) determined me somewhere between the Demi Curve and Bold Curve. After trying on a few pairs, I fell in love with a pair of Demi Curve Straight leg jeans. I didn’t buy them but added them to my wish list.  I tried on the skinny cut as well and they just looked a little too harsh. This is starting to sound like an ad for Levi’s. Maybe they will send me a free pair.

Anyway, playing around on Polyvore brought me back to my high school years when I dreamed of going into the fashion industry. I’m sure glad I ended up in a job that is much more rewarding and gave me the opportunity to hang out with such wonderful women.

4 thoughts on “Style Friday

  1. Well, I’d let you shop for me any day! And you’ve got me totally curious with the Levi’s thing… I’m going to have to check it out, I LOVE jeans!

  2. Oh, Krysta. I love this post. I also love your ensemble and the fact that your beverage-ware of choice is a wine glass. Stemless, no doubt. Also, when is the internet going to stop creating sites that are a black hole for my time??

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