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Last year, I had started getting things ready for the kids’ room. We kept the paint as it was (Warm Muffin by Behr), I bought this print and was gifted this alphabet one. I thought I had some direction with where I wanted to go with the room.

And, suddenly, S arrived. And I don’t think he cared at all what the room looked like. We bought a new bed while he was with us because it offered some versatility. It can either be a single bed or bunk bed (depending on how it set up). We also have this crib which can convert to a toddler bed and a friend lent us a cradle. We are pretty much covered for sleeping arrangements for whatever combination of kiddos come into our lives.

I am confident that nesting is not something brought on by pregnancy hormones but just something that women do when they are expecting a child. The room has worked well for so far but I cannot help but want it to be perfect and warm for the kids as long as they are with us and for any future kiddos.

This week, the room was on Ohdeedoh as a “Good Question.” I did get some good ideas there (as well as a lot of people’s opinions on foster parenting). The room needs to be gender neutral and flexible. I think I’m going to use orange and turquoise/aqua blue as accents in the room.

This week I found a few things at Target that I’m going to use. The bedding looks really, really boring in this picture from but it is really cute in person. And I love these orange dot sheets. I may just buy another set and make the crib skirt out of the flat sheet.

I have found a few cute pillows on Etsy that I think I will buy and switch out based on the kiddos with us at the time. The ones not in use can be use in the reading corner that is going into our basement (but that is a separate post).

(From Livin4Prim & PersnickityPelican)

I’m still looking for a rug, blankets (in aqua/turquoise) and curtains to help block out the light during nap time. I have some ideas for closet storage and organization as well. But, of course, all of this will happen in stages due to time and budget constraints. I’m open to suggestions!

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