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Having recently discovered Ohdeedoh and Apartment Therapy, I find myself full of inspiration for this little house of ours.  Our bedroom could use just a little bit of work.  Currently, all D’s clothes are in the guest room (soon to belong to a kiddo or two) and they need to find a new place.
We have a great bed from Pottery Barn that we love because it provides us with extra storage space.
Our bed is centered under a window and, due to the placement of a vent, it isn’t quite up against the wall. We have not purchased a headboard.  I love the look of fabric ones but I think this is an interesting idea too.
We could also use some better night stands.  The ones we have right now are just big enough for a lamp, alarm clock & cell phone.  We could use some more storage for books. I’d like to get something like this.
These would do but if we have enough space I may give this night stand project a try.
I am sure our biggest challenge will be our tiny closet.  I have high hopes of getting most of mine and D’s clothes into it somehow.  I guess people just did not own as much stuff in the 1950s because the closets in this house are small (I even measured it tonight. It is 51 inches long and 22 inches deep).  If I was Betty Draper, where would I put all my dresses?  Those things look like they take up some space. We will probably end up with some type of closet organizer but let me know if you have any great ideas.  I think we both should probably go through our clothes and determine what is really necessary to start.

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  1. You may already do this, but I recently needed more space to accommodate new and borrowed maternity clothes. So, we bought some storage bins (at…WalMart…gasp! It's where we got ones before my "conversion" and you know me…they need to match!) and I cleared out anything spring/summer – shirts, pants, capris, skirts…even shoes. It made such a difference! Also, I feel like when I open that bin in the spring, it'll be like I have a whole new wardrobe because I haven't looked at those items for six (eh hem…eight…nine months)!

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