Style Friday

It’s back. I was inspired this week due to this lovely gift that I was given by Heather. I am seriously loving the way it looks in my red kitchen.

Funny thing is, I was bringing her a house warming gift when she gave me this. And I also got her a tablecloth. I think Ross and D were utterly confused.

I’m not really a collector because I strongly dislike a cluttered home but vintage (or at least vintage-looking) linens are the way to my heart. I guess that is kind of weird but it is true. Here are the ones I have accumulated.

Recently, I saw this post and I knew it was only going to drive my obsession further. If I am having a bad day, I just type in “vintage linens” into the search box on Etsy. Some people feed their emotions with cookies and some people buy new clothes but what I need is the rich colors of an era gone by to make my blues go away.

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