Style Friday

Oh, the apron. I simply love them. I still remember the drawer of aprons we had in our kitchen – some “mom-sized”, some “kid-sized” – that we wore when baking in our kitchen growing up. And we did a lot of baking.

Cooking and baking have totally become a stress-relief method for me. It was also a way to pass time when we were growing up. I am sure my mom used it as an activity to keep us busy and I am very grateful now for my comfortable knowledge of the kitchen.

A few weeks ago, Courtney, Meredith and I went to see Julie & Julia (delightful). During a scene in which Julie Child chops up a mountain of onions, I leaned over to Meredith and said, “I just love chopping stuff.” Honestly, it is one of my favorite things to do. Often after a trip home from the farmer’s market, I throw on my bright orange apron, lay out my findings from the day, and chop away. The perfect activity for a Saturday morning.

I’m sure I would enjoy chopping, baking and cooking just as much in one these:

1. I love this print from Heather Bailey. And it would match my kitchen quite well. (From Great Goods)
2. The first thing I noticed about the apron was the stove behind it. I dream of a vintage 1950s kitchen. (From Boojiboo)
3. I usually prefer a full apron but this little half apron is pretty cute. (From Pamwares)
4. How girly is this?!? (From Sassy Apron)

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