Style Friday

Did you think I forgot? We are making progress…

Primed & painted (walls are Behr Pensive Sky in Satin Finish)

New fixtures (goodbye brass, welcome brushed nickel)
The faucet is Kohler. I said to Dan (when I was explaining the cost of the faucet), “Dan, its Kohler….’the bold look of Kohler.'” He didn’t have any idea what I was talking about. I am a sucker for marketing.

Just seeing how curtains would look; I think it is going to work (Amy Butler, Lotus, Tea Box, Cherry Wall Flower)
Cabinets are painted (Sherwin Williams Bitter Chocolate in Satin Enamel)
Right now, the cabinet just need hardware and I need to order more fabric for the shower curtain. Just a little bit more work to do and it will be all done.

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