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I stumbled across this article on one of the blogs I read and could not believe what I was reading. As we continue to research adoption and foster care, I am finding out that there is a lot that I do not know, in particular in regards to race and transracial adoption.

This story discusses the Newborn Nursery at FAO Schwarz in New York City (apparently, these “nurseries” are all around the country). This American Life did a story on these dolls from the point of view of one of the “nurses” (actors) who used to work there. She shared how when the dolls were featured on the MTS show Rich Girls (the dolls are $100+ before clothes and accessories) they became very popular and sold out quickly. Well, at least the white dolls sold out quickly. I strongly encourage you to go listen to the story here: Matchmakers.

Unfortunately, the “adoption” preference at Newborn Nursery was not much unlike the actual preferences of American families.

Of the hundreds of currently listed waiting families:


* 88% would ‘accept’ a White baby
* 33% would ‘accept’ a South American or Hispanic baby
* 28% would ‘accept’ an Asian baby
* 26% would ‘accept’ a Native American baby
* 14% would ‘accept’ a Black baby

That is just one portion of the article referencing a site that hosts profiles for adoptive families. I know it is a complicated issue and I am still learning about all of this but I can’t help but find these statistics saddening.

I believe all children are deserving of loving and caring homes and I passionately feel that taking care of orphans is the responsibility of the Body of Christ. With 130,000 kids in the American foster care system waiting for adoption (there are more kids in foster care, these are just the ones available for adoption) and millions of orphans all over the world, I’m having a hard time figuring out why more Christians are not taking care of these kids. From what I’ve read, Jesus was not unclear on this topic.

You are probably saying, “Well, then go adopt some kids then, K.” We’re getting there slowly. For many reasons, it’s not the right time. But maybe for someone who happens to read this, it is the right time. Or maybe you have just never thought about it and now is the time to start.

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