She Made Barack Trendy, Can She Do the Same for Being Gluten-Free?

First of all, let me say…I’m not an Oprah fan. I think she has done some great things with her money but overall, I find her pretty arrogant. She interrupts everyone she interviews and puts herself on the cover of her magazine every month. Even Martha Stewart doesn’t do that. She carries so much influence, it scares me.

However, one of the headlines on today was: Oprah Winfrey’s 21-Day Detox Diet. The diet includes eliminating all animal products, sugar, caffeine and GLUTEN. Sounds awful. I am gluten-free and there are days when that alone makes me want to cry (this usually happens when I drive by a Hungry Howies). What would I do if I had to give up cheese, coffee and chocolate? I would be very cranky and Dan would probably ask me to move out.

Everything she promotes seems to catch on so I am hoping her 21-Day Detox will do something in the restaurant industry and make it a little bit easier for those of us who do not eat gluten to enjoy a night out. A few more gluten-free products at Meijer wouldn’t be terrible either.

3 thoughts on “She Made Barack Trendy, Can She Do the Same for Being Gluten-Free?

  1. I would never make you move out. Instead I would drown out your crankiness with video games… which would probably make you more cranky.

  2. Interesting – are you going to try it? My SIL is going to be doing something similar with my nephew who has been diagnosed with Autism symptoms. The Hallelujiah Acres diet is similar without the New Age twist that Oprah offers…

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