Schools Out Forever

K finished her last class at Oakland University last Wednesday night. She is officially done with her graduate school program. Therefore, I am pleased to introduce to you, KB, M.P.A. It is very impressive and K is happy to be done with school for the rest of her life.

In other school news, I just found out that I’ve been accepted at Michigan Theological Seminary. I’ll be starting in the fall. I’ve enjoyed watching TV and playing video games while Krysta does her school work, but now it’s the other way around (except I don’t think K is going to play video games, especially Fifa Soccer 08). I have one last summer of freedom and then it’s back to papers and studying. I am actually pretty excited about going back. Just pray that I learn Greek better than I did while at Moody.

2 thoughts on “Schools Out Forever

  1. Hey, I’m gonna go to seminary too. I’m going to Fuller though, apparently they’re “liberal”.I however will not be taking any Greek.I’m also not accepted yet, they need proof that I graduated from college first.

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