Saturday Seven

1. I have to admit something. I stopped reading the blog that hosts 7 Quick Takes Friday a long time ago. There is nothing wrong with it but it just didn’t make it when I cut my blogroll by fifty-percent. But I like doing these short, quick posts every-once in a while so I kept participating but it felt wrong. Thus, for 2011, the Saturday Seven is born.

2. I almost didn’t even want to look back at last year’s resolutions. I already know they were not all accomplished but here is a run-down:

  • Become parents: done. And I don’t think we are doing too bad a job (but I’m always open to learning how to do it better)
  • Read thru the Bible: Not so much. I read half of the Old Testament and the Gospels. It just did not happen this year.
  • Eat at home: Mostly done. We enjoyed our CSA this summer but it was way more food than we could handle. I still need to figure out how to cook for four people, including one with a food intolerance (me) and three with very limited food preferences.
  • Read five books: Well, I did not read all the ones I listed but I did read To Kill a Mockingbird, I’m Down, Cringe, Love & Logic Magic for Early Childhood, The Help, Growing Up Black in White, The Girl in the Orange Dress, and The Connected Child. Plus, a lot of children’s books (notable mentions go to Grace for President, Corduroy, The Hello, Goodbye Window, The Jesus Storybook Bible and Bear Snores On).
  • Get in shape: Hah! Our elliptical machine stopped working and we gladly said goodbye to it last week via Freecycle. I ran like four times. I took many walks pushing a two-year-old and large baby this summer. But, no, I did not get in shape.

3. Things that did happen in 2010 that I did not predict:

  • I got my nose pierced (after wanting to do so for nearly 10 years).
  • We bought a mini-van. We are now one of many, many silver mini-vans on the streets of the suburbs of Detroit.
  • We cared for six children in our home – five boys and one little girl. I didn’t expect to have this many placements our first year of foster parenting. And I didn’t expect to love being a mom to a little girl so much (after years of saying I only wanted boys, M changed my mind).
  • Enrolling a child in preschool at the private school my husband and I attended. Eating my words.

4. Goals for 2011…

  • A new wall color for the living room, hallway and kitchen
  • Finally watch the tutorial DVD that came with my camera
  • Memorize 24 Bible verses
  • Connected and happy boys
  • More prayer, more Bible reading, more journaling/writing
  • Cook one new recipe per week

5. Some things I am really looking forward to in 2011…

  • The arrival of my best friend’s baby boy (any time now!)
  • A new niece in March…or February 🙂
  • Preschool soccer games
  • Reading books on our new iPad (I’ve already started with Same Kind of Different as Me). Our house is being overtaken by books – I am happy to have this space saving way to read.

6. My favorite television shows of 2010: Mad Men, Parenthood, 30 Rock and Modern Family. My favorite movie on 2010: The Social Network (although, most others didn’t stand a chance because I could not stay awake for them).

7. Here is my first verse for 2011…

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

11 thoughts on “Saturday Seven

  1. Fun to read your goals – I’m curious about the new paint color?!

    And…your first verse…that’s one of my favorite verses! We used it on our bucket favors at our wedding.

    • Yes, new color…I keep telling D it is the only thing I want for my birthday. I can’t handle the red any longer.

      Heather made me a print with Romans 15:13 on it for Christmas. I’ll have to show it to you…it is so great!

  2. I love this post. Lots of things I want to say to you now. Here they are: Ever thought about sharing the CSA, since it was so much food? I have been wanting to try it for so long. Can I borrow the Connected Child sometime? Will you share the new recipes you try? I am always looking for inspiration because it seems like every week I can’t think of anything I want for dinner even though I’m pretty sure I have eaten dinner many, many times before. And lastly, I am going to try to do the scripture memorizing, so thank you! (I am determined to finish Revelation today!) I love how your posts totally inspire me! 🙂

    • Thanks, Heidi! The Connected Child is yours to borrow when you want it. If I remember, I will drop it off some day. I have thought about sharing a CSA…I’ll let you know what I decide. I kinda missed going to Eastern Market this year but picking up a pre-packed basket is so nice too. And, I will share the recipes I try, either here or on Facebook.

  3. My Aunt just bought me “The Same Kind of Different As Me!!” I had never heard of it before and just started reading it today! Man, God wants us to be friends. Xo

  4. Oh, and Heidi, you have GOT to read the Connected Child. My favorite most tangible adoption book I pass onto pre-adoptive/foster parents thus far. We shall see if it is topped!

  5. So glad you’re reading Same Kind of Different As Me, as I was reading the list you made it through last year, I thought of suggesting it. I actually listened to it read by the authors, so good!! Love the memories and insights and you!

  6. I could write a whole book on this post!

    LOVED Same Kind of Different As Me. I read it on vacation last year and couldn’t stop crying. It is such a beautiful story. I am memorizing the 24 verses, too! What is your first one? Mine is 1 Samuel 2:1-2. I’m very excited about that goal. Modern Family is my favorite show on TV right now. Cameron is my favorite. And, finally, I am glad you like The Hello, Goodbye Window. It is one of my favorite kids books.

    I kept myself from being too wordy, but I really, really loved this post! Happy New Year to your sweet family of four!

    • I love The Hello, Goodbye Window. One of it’s best lines is “you can be happy and sad at the same time”…so true and relatable for us and our kids. It was so sweet of you to gift it to us.

  7. Oh wow – just read through several pages of your blog. Very powerful and touching 🙂 You and your husband seem t have such big hearts and those kiddos are so lucky to have you! Keep up the amazing work in their lives. Oh and for your food intolerances – maybe try a probiotic. Our little boy has severe food allergies, intolerances and eczema and the one thing that has really helped him so much has been his Vidazorb chewable 🙂 hope this helps you!

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