Saturday Seven (but actually, just five)

The kids are all awake from their naps so five it is for this Saturday.

1. On Thursday, I picked up C at our agency. There were two other boys (twins, around age three or four) there who are his foster brothers in the home he lives in. They were all dressed alike so it was pretty clear that they were together. I made a joke to the social worker about wondering if I was getting three kids instead of one to which she replied, “You can take them if you want them.” They had only found a respite placement for one of the twins at that point. When I was getting C’s coat on to get him ready, one of the twins came up to me and said, “I want to go with you.” And then the other twin said the same. ┬áBroke my heart and, if we had the room, I would have drove home with five boys instead of three. All that to say…

2. Please consider respite care. You may not be called to adoption or foster care and I bet you are tired of hearing me preach about it. But you may have a few days to babysit for another foster family. It will require some training and a little work but it would be a huge help to foster families.

3. I’ve mentioned before that I pray for more people (especially from our generation) to consider adoption and foster care. Well, an awesome thing happened this week. Two friends that I’ve prayed for specifically told me they are starting the process. This just thrills me and I cannot wait to hear about the children God has planned for them.

4. Having C around has turned D2 into a very “wise & mature” older brother. He has been pretty helpful and I overheard him explaining the house rules to C:

The rules are no hurts, stick together and have fun. It is not because Mommy & Daddy don’t want us to have fun but it is because they do want us to have fun.

I was so proud and also glad to know that he has actually been listening to us (even if his behavior does not always reflect it).

5. I had a wonderful time with a bunch of women from our church on Friday evening. My good friend Christy talked about the positives and negatives of female friendships. She shared this great thought in regards to our tendency to compare ourselves to other women:

You are comparing your inside to their outside.

Often times, we are just looking at other women and how they appear to “have it all together” when in reality we all struggle in different ways, even when it is not apparent from the outside. It is a good reminder that we are all human and the comparisons we make over houses and kids and jobs and families are so frivolous.

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  1. What a heartbreaking story about the twins! I have a question: How do you go about learning about respite care? Should we start with our state’s foster agency?


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