Saturday Seven

1. I saw this on 22 Words this week and it just makes me smile.


2. I received a late birthday gift this week and it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. My friend gave me a necklace with the initials of all our kids on it (the ones we are adopting and the ones who went home to their families). I’m pretty sure I won’t be taking it off anytime soon. We are incredibly blessed by people who encourage and support the way we have chosen to grow our family. It really means the world to us.

3. There is a new pizza place right by our house with gluten-free pizza that is not insanely overpriced. It was fun to get to eat pizza like everyone else in the family this weekend. It might just become a Friday-night-thing for us.

4. Wednesday morning we were on our way to preschool and the cars in front of me on the highway suddenly stopped. The car directly in front of me swerved into the right lane and I was able to stop without hitting anyone. Unfortunately, the guy behind me wasn’t and we were rear-ended. Thankfully, we were all okay. We pulled over to the side of the road and I checked to make sure all three boys were fine. Then I told them we were waiting for the police to come and that is when the excitement began. For a three and five year old boy, meeting a policeman is pretty much the best thing ever. The officer that helped us was so kind, talked to them while they stared at him wide-eyed and gave them “badges” (really, just shiny stickers). Then D got to tell everyone in his class how we got “crashed” on the way to school.

5. I went to a Mom2Mom sale this morning and found some great summer clothes for the boys, especially some great plaid shorts (so cute). But those sales stress me out! I feel like there is some kind of etiquette that I do not understand. No joke, I volunteered at one a few years back, and when I was done I got in my car and cried. Perhaps, an overreaction but to this day these things just make my anxiety level rise.

6. Occasionally, we are asked how long it takes to feel love for the kids that have been placed in our home (these questions are nearly always asked in a respectful and kind way, not in front of the kids and I don’t mind answering). I think something that happened this week sums up pretty well how quickly affection can form. I went to pick up all three boys from my parents house. We know very little about C’s situation. When you do respite care, they only provide you with the most necessary information. From his paperwork, I know that his plan is for reunification at this point. When I walked into my parents house, my dad was holding C. Without even saying “hi” first or anything, my dad said, “So, is he adoptable?” They were already buddies, even after having spent just hours together. ¬†Attachment and bonding are complicated and are definitely an ongoing process but I think love and affection comes pretty quickly. (At least this has been our experience; I don’t want to speak for the adoption community as a whole).

7. That said, C goes back to his long-term foster home on Monday. We would totally keep him if we could but my hope for him is that his family is doing their best to make it so that he can live with them as soon as possible. We hope we get to see him again someday.

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  1. Girl, Uncle Andy’s isn’t new…you’ve been missing out! They are the sweetest family owned business, and we heard about them because their other business is carpet cleaning! They were at my house cleaning my carpet one day and gave me the card for their pizza place. A very strange combination, but it works!

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