Rosie Thomas Concert

When I was in college, my roommate, Heather, introduced me to Rosie Thomas. She has since become one of my favorite singers. A few years ago, D and I were able to see her in Ferndale and it was a great show. We have been really enjoying her latest album, A Very Rosie Christmas. Rosie’s version of O Come Emmanuel is amazing. When we heard that she was coming to Pontiac for a Christmas show we ordered tickets right away.

The show was in the upstairs theater of The Crofoot. It is a tiny venue and there were probably 75-100 people there (which is the only way to see a concert, in my opinion). Rosie opened the concert with a visit from Sheila Suputo. I found it hilarious! When her band came out they were all dressed in matching, Christmas pajamas. She was wearing a red & white striped turtleneck, green jumper, red tights, and tap shoes.

The show was great. The played most of the Christmas album and a few other songs from past albums. I am totally in awe of her voice. As someone with no singing talent at all, it is hard for me to understand such an effortless and beautiful sound. On top of her incredible talent, she is so thankful for her fans. She repeatedly thanked people for coming and expressed how much she loved connecting with people through music.

We hung around a bit after the concert and Rosie came out and was talking with people. In a truly nerdy fashion, I made D go ask her if she would take her picture with me. She graciously accepted and even talked to us for a few minutes and gave us both hugs. She also told D that he was a “good husband.”

Here is my pic with Rosie:

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  1. Hey Krysta,That is so cool. I am glad you really like her a lot. If it wasn’t for Mike, I wouldn’t of known about her either.Heather

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