Results at Court

This morning, the court decided to terminate the rights of the boy’s birth parents. This is what we thought was coming but today it was officially decided and our agency is now turning the case over to the adoption department. The birth parents have fourteen days to appeal this decision however neither was present at court today.

We feel so blessed to get the opportunity to be mommy and daddy to these boys forever. They are fun, creative, imaginative, sweet, spunky and just adorable. They are mostly oblivious to the chaos that has been going on around them over the last two and a half years (and probably since birth). We know some day they will grieve and realize the severity of how their lives began. As we listened to the testimony today, we learned more and more about the situation. Although their parents failed to follow through on what was requested of them, they are still a part of our boys and will be forever. We have not met either of them and are unsure of what our relationship with them might be like.

Over the next few weeks, we will be trying to explain to them what is going on, at least the best way that you can to a three and four year old. My prayer is that we parent them they will know that they are deeply loved by us and, even more so, by Jesus.

Thanks to all those who were praying today and over the last several weeks. We are hoping to get a podcast up in a few days to explain a bit more of the details.

UPDATE: Podcast episode posted (#94)

7 thoughts on “Results at Court

  1. Congratulations! My prayer is that the years of love (from you, Dan and Jesus) will soften your sons’ hearts to their loss, and they will bloom exactly where God has planted them!

  2. It’s such a bittersweet moment when the parents rights are terminated. While we’re happy for ourselves, we’re sad for the kids– sad for their loss, even if they don’t fully know that they’re losing anything. For us, we thought our little lamb would go home with her mom. My wife invested quite a bit of time trying to help the mom get the services she’d need for her daughter to come home, but in the end, mom’s self-preservation won out and nine months or so after deserting her daughter, hers and the fathers parental rights were terminated and we started a new journey for us which ended this fall in our becoming our daughter’s forever family. May God bless you, as he has us, on this next part of your journey.

    • what a beautiful way to express the emotions. hubby and i are just beginning the process to become foster parents. while someday we hope to also be adoptive parents, i grieve for the children whose parents will not be able to do what needs to be done to be reunified.

      love that there is a community of people who understand this!

  3. None of the parents of our foster kids were present at trial for permanent custody either (just last week). I was probably sadder about that fact than anything else that day. It was a grief-filled day for me. The judge didn’t rule right away, so it let me just spend that day in grief and then actually allow myself to be relieved when he issued his ruling this week to terminate rights.

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