Quick Life Update

Things have been busy, busy since we got back from Jeff & Vicky’s wedding. I could not even manage a Style Friday last week and I would not count on one this week either. I’m headed to Baltimore for a conference for work. D is a bit jealous as Baltimore is the backdrop for his favorite show, The Wire.

What will D do while I am out of town? Well, I think he is planning to go for the Mustache: Part 2…you may remember it. I also think he is planning on doing a lot of Greek homework and watching college football (most likely while wearing his new shirt. Sorry, Ohio friends. It is a rivalry that runs deep.)

We finished up our training for foster care a few weeks ago and we’ve been waiting for a social worker to call us to set up our home study. Our paper work said they would call in a few days but then our agency said a few weeks.
So, after our very enjoyable long weekend, my patience was running thin but there was not much that I could do about it. I could get really annoying and just start calling our agency but opted to pray instead. And I asked others to pray too (on Facebook & Twitter – putting social networking to good use).
And, guess what? Around 6:30 last night our social worker called and she will be coming for our home study next week. I’m going to take this as another confirmation that we are doing what God wants us to do. Thanks to all of you who prayed and have been praying for us through all this.
And now I need to go clean my house…

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