Parenthood (Season 4, Episodes 2, 3 & 4)

Don’t read yet if you haven’t seen Parenthood from this past Tuesday. Know what I loved about this past week’s episode? No Mark Cyr.

But, seriously though, the plot line I loved more than anything this week was Jasmine and Crosby explaining the racism and the N-word to Jabar.


 Jabar reminds me so much of our boys. I know a day will come when we have to explain this to our kids. I related so much with Crosby as he sat there as an “outsider” in a way, not knowing what is like to have someone think less of you because of the color of your skin. I have had the same heart-breaking feeling imaging that happening to our kids some day. I thought Jasmine’s message was so honest and hopeful. Can I just play that scene someday for our kids? (Also, who knew the guy from Punk’d would turn out to be a pretty decent actor?)

I also think the writers are doing a great job with the struggle of adopting an older child. It is a two-steps forward, one-step back process and they are showing that well. Joel continues to be perfect. (But did anyone else wonder where Sydney was this past episode?)

I don’t have a lot to say about Adam and Kristina’s plot line. I don’t really understand why they have not told people yet (although, it looks like that is what next week’s episode is about).

A few random thoughts…

  • I still like Hank a lot. And I still think Sarah needs to be by herself for a while (but that doesn’t make for an interesting story, I guess).
  • What happened to Bob Little? Did he lose the election? I liked him and Amber together.

5 thoughts on “Parenthood (Season 4, Episodes 2, 3 & 4)

  1. Joel is now known as “the man who can do no wrong” in our household. Jason said: “He’s like me!” So thanks for that. Seriously…just when you think he’s going to get embarrassed in front of the other dads or react out of hurt when Victor says he’s not his real dad…nope, he has the perfect reaction…he’s just going to encourage Victor and apologize for not being a better dad. I was wondering about Syd too. I think they forgot to pick her up from school.

  2. Oh, so many thoughts. I, too, appreciated how Jasmine handled the issue of racism. I’m not gonna lie….I didn’t at first. I was with Crosby. And then I watched that conversation and softened. I loved, also, how she reminded Crosby that there WOULD be things he’d connect with him on that Jasmine could not.. Generally not been a fan of hers….but she won me over this week. I love Crosby. Always have. Even since his days on “Punked!” 😉

    Loved Joel’s response as well. Who wouldn’t?! I’d say I wish he was my dad, but I’ve already got a good one, so….

    I know you don’t like Mark. I do! I love that he adores Sarah, and is supportive of her, and loves her in spite of herself. I think she is way too absorbed in herself to know how good she has it with him! Sorry….we disagree on that one for sure! And I hate that she kisses Hank in the next episode. That will never be ok with me….even if they are made up characters 😉

    I miss Bob Little, too! There was never any closure there with Amber. So many questions left unanswered.

    You know my thoughts on the Adam and Kristina plot line. Though I do appreciate that we’re seeing fear from both of them, and they’re not afraid to admit that verbally. Realistic? Not entirely. Encouraging to those dealing with the reality of disease….I think so! And waiting to tell family? If there’s one thing I’ve learned, especially in recent months/years, it’s that EVERYBODY handles things differently. And my way of doing things isn’t (dare I say) always the right way! 😉

    • The thing I liked best about Jasmine’s message was 1) She asked Crosby if he had anything to add and 2) That she said, “The world is a better place than it used to be.” Jasmine used to drive me crazy (always picking a fight and being a bit selfish). She is getting much better.

      It is definitely not OK to kiss Hank. I mean, she kissed her ex-husband while she was with Mark last season too and never said anything to him about it! I think it is Mark’s mustache that bugs me.

      What I loved about Bob Little and Amber is that they were an unlikely couple and he liked her for her talents and personality. I guess they did mention that he lost the election.

      As for Adam/Kristina – my one thought as to why they aren’t telling people was to avoid a million opinions on what type of treatment to seek. I can understand waiting for that reason. I think it would just be hard to act as if everything is okay.

  3. It is neat to hear from real people dealing with these same real issues brought up in the show…like adoption and cancer. The show is really dealing with some issues that touch others deeply. I can imagine that any parent who a kid who has aesperger’s could relate somewhat with the show too. Max reminds me of a student I had when I taught. They have done a good job portraying aesperger’s.

    I am glad that bob Little is gone. You liked him with Amber?! He was like three decades older than her or something. 😉 It all seemed wrong to me. Politician with the intern is never a dream come true. I am glad he is gone, but they didn’t wrap up that story at all. Max did tell his mom that she was a good campaign manager even if Bob Little lost. So, he apparently lost the election and that’s about it.

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