Parenthood (Season 4, Episode 1)

I’m not going to even try to hide the fact that I love TV. Today, I went through my calendar and noted the fall start dates for each of my favorite shows (and new shows that have potential to become favorite shows).

Parenthood started last week. I love this show even when it frustrates me. That is probably why the Bravermans feel like family.

I was worried that Ray Ramono’s addition to the cast would be a bit annoying but I actually really liked him. Last season, I was 100% sold-out on Team Seth. I love a good redemption story – a recovering drug-addict and the re-kindling of what Sarah called “the love of her life.” I so wanted that to happen but for some reason Sarah still loves the mustached Mark Cyr (ick). I’d be more than happy if Ray Ramono’s character, Hank, stole Sarah’s affections. Gosh, I would even be happy if Sarah was just on her own for a bit. Am I right, ladies?

Last year’s adoption plot-line was PAINFUL to watch. I had so much frustration over how it was handled and then at the last minute Joel (who I refer to as “The Man Who Can Do No Wrong”) and Julia take in a seven-year old boy. I’m still nervous over how it will play out but I thought Julia’s realization in the season opener was pretty realistic when she said, “I feel like I’m waiting to fall in love with our son.” I hope that is what we get to see happen as the season continues.


The show closed with Haddie getting on a plane to leave for college. She was full of attitude the whole episode. It was too relate-able. I remember being such a brat as I got ready to leave for college and being super embarrassed as my mom asked some other students for directions when we got to campus. I sat there watching that scene with my baby girl in my arms and decided that we would home-school our kids through college. That is possible, right?

And two quick and parting thoughts…

  • Oh, Drew. Poor Drew. Does he even see it coming?
  • Joel’s Hair. I have mixed-feelings.

Feel free to call me over-invested in the lives fictional characters. I’m okay with that and I know plenty of you who are with me on this.

5 thoughts on “Parenthood (Season 4, Episode 1)

  1. I am with you on the investment in fictional characters. Drew doesn’t see it coming. I do feel bad for him. I never wanted Sarah to get back with Seth, but I would be fine if she ended up with Ray Romano. Mark Cyr being in the Braverman family photos is just setting the scene for the break-up. It is coming. They don’t have good chemistry anyway.

  2. I’m also hopelessly addicted to this show. There is so much Jason and I can relate to…we laugh, we cry. Oh, it’s so good. Also, I agree that Mark is a tool. And poor Drew. I’m always happy to see a blog post from you, even if it’s not about reality. 🙂

  3. Yep, we’re with you! I want to hear more of your thoughts as time goes on about the foster parenting situation (or did they adopt him already? couldn’t figure that out). I was personally rather appalled by their non-parenting. Based on watching you guys go through this, I would hope that this situation wouldn’t happen in reality, where people obviously have no training on how to take care of a foster child?! For being highly competent individuals, Joel and Julia can seem so lost sometimes. Or maybe my expectations are just too high for humanity.

  4. We so need to talk Parenthood together… I’m always a day late though, because we catch it on Hulu! Loved Julia’s reaction to their son in this past week’s episode (where he’s going to school).

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