Our Weekend with Cubby

This is the kind of mom I am…

On Friday, I picked up D2 from school and noticed in his bin that he was chosen to bring home Cubby, the class’ toy bear, this weekend. The whole point is to spend the weekend doing fun things with Cubby. D2 proudly carried Cubby out of school along with the little journal in which we would later write all our adventures.

Fast forward to this afternoon, when I opened the trunk of the van and, oh crap, I left the stupid bear there all weekend. Poor Cubby spent his weekend with our family in the minivan.

The boys went to sleep and I finally sat down to write down about what Cubby did with us this weekend. All the other entries are full of pictures and colored drawings. Our entry is a little like this…

Cubby had a very exciting weekend with us. After school, he drove with us to speech therapy and then ate pretzels with us in the car. Then we went to Grandma’s and he watched (from the car) as we rode our scooters on her driveway. The next day he drove with us to my first soccer game. It was so muddy so we made sure to keep him clean (in the car). Later, he drove with us to pick up pizza.

No pictures or drawings from us. Regardless, I hope Cubby enjoyed watching all of this from our van.

Those little shin guards just kill me.

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