Our Weekend with C

On Friday morning, we picked up C from our agency. Words are insufficient to describe how cute he is but, since he is in foster care, I can’t post a picture for you. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

We hung out all day, he took a little afternoon nap and then we headed out to celebrate my mom’s birthday at Memphis Smoke. This is one of the odd things about foster care. You just suddenly integrate a new person – who you just met – into your daily life. After spending the day with C, I was pretty confident he could handle eating out at a restaurant. He is pretty easy going and content as long as people are paying attention to him. So there we were on a Friday night, eating barbecue with a one year old who we met that morning.

Saturday night we had plans to see M & T and their family. These were plans we had made months ago so I called their mom to let them know C would be joining us. It was great to see them. They are doing so well as is their mom. My parents came along with us and I know they were happy to see the two kiddos who they poured so much love on for six months. Their mom was thankful to us for coming (it was an event at her church that she was a big part of) and we were also able to meet some of M & T’s older siblings. D & I took turns keeping C entertained. D was changing his diaper at one point and C decided to pee all over (including on D). Ooops….good thing I packed that second set of clothes. It was an eventful night!

Overall, we feel really blessed to get to be a part of all these kids lives – whether it is for several months or just a few days. Twice this weekend, we had an experience we have had before. People are often confused when they see how young we are and learn that we are foster parents. D is 28 and I’ll be the same age in just a few months. Lots and lots of our friends have kids and many of them had them at a younger age than we are; twenty-eight seems like a pretty typical age to begin parenting. Our age seems to make people apprehensive or, at least, curious about us. When I dropped C off this morning with his current foster mom, she was definitely confused.

I think it would be awesome if more young people pursued foster parenting. Overall, I think it would be great if the church would flood foster care agencies with loving, committed foster parents regardless of their age. It is easy to get frustrated and complain about the system (and, to be honest, I’m really tempted to do that today). I think there are many good foster homes but I think there need to be more to cultivate change. And I think it is the Church’s job to do that.

(If this post seems disjointed, it is because I wrote the second half during a bout of righteous anger. Or, at least, that is what I like to call it.)

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    • I’m not totally sure. I mostly think it is because we are not the norm. Most of the people in our foster parenting classes were late 30s – 40s, already had “their own” kids, etc. We did stand out a bit during training. I also think the fact that we have no biological children confuses them; some people seem to think that since we haven’t parented biological children, how are we supposed to know what to do with kids in foster care? (These are just my best guesses.)

  1. C sounds adorable!! It’s wonderful that you have a continual relationship with your previous foster kids and their family. I’m sure that makes a HUGE impact on them.

    We’ve also experienced some weird/confused looks because we are younger with no kids. I wish we lived in the same town. ha!

    LOVE THIS “I think it would be great if the church would flood foster care agencies with loving, committed foster parents regardless of their age.”

  2. Just found your blog today and LOVE IT!!! I especially love this post. I am a 28-year-old SINGLE foster parent, which really throws people for a loop. “Why in the world would you choose to be a single parent?” is a question I get a lot. Ummm…because there are kids that need a home. Plain and simple. Yes, it does put a bit of kink into my social life. Yes, it is exhausting to work full time and parent 2 children. However, once God opened my eyes to the need, I could not ignore it! 🙂

    • Thanks for reading! I am sure you did get lots of questions. The sacrifices you are making now are, I’m sure, making a huge impact on your kids’ lives.

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