One Hundred Episodes

Last week, T & W recorded the 100th episode of Foster Parenting Podcast. I actually looked into getting flights to California to be there for the live recording but could not justify the expense. It would have been so fun to be there with them.

In the episode, they tackle some of the comments and complaints that foster parents often hear about the foster care system. If you have thought about foster care but are scared off by the regulations or bureaucracy of it all this is a great episode for you. I actually think it is one of the best episodes ever.

In addition, there is an interview in the beginning the the Executive Director of Olive Crest (T & W’s agency). During the interview she talks about the agency’s Safe Families for Children program. Here is a clip from CBS Evening News on this program that is going on across the country.


Safe Families partners with the local church to help families who may be at risk of losing their kids to the foster care system. After reading more about it, I’m actually kind of obsessed with the program. Volunteer families take care of kids until the parents can get back on their feet. It is exactly what the Church should do.

6 thoughts on “One Hundred Episodes

  1. I love, love, love this idea! If you find any churches in the metro Detroit area who are currently doing this let me know. I think this would be perfect for our church and something I would be able to participate in.

  2. I’m always so thankful to read more about your passion for foster care….and foster care done well. It is an encouragement to me to watch people that I love so dearly desire to be obedient to God, and then also follow through. That’s all. Just love you guys!

  3. So awesome and so heartbreaking at the same time. My heart went out to that young mom. Keep me in the loop too if you find anything going on in the area!

  4. K- I am SOOOO interested in this program! Please let me know if you find anyone doing it. Wayne county is actually doing a program called family to family that uses the idea of mentoring parents who have been flagged by DHS as being in danger of loosing their kids. Other counties are looking at it, too. The idea is to provide wrap around support (counseling, services, mentoring, etc.) to head off problems. I love the idea of it not being managed by DHS, though!


  5. Such a fabulous idea! Going to check about implementing something similar in our church! So glad I ran across your site!
    Fellow foster parent,

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