Oh Lloyd

Here’s my brief rant about Lloyd Carr.

The thing is, Lloyd has been a decent coach for the entire 13 years that he has been Michigan’s coach. I do respect how he’s maintained some level excellence in the program. There has not been any 5 loss (or more) seasons under Lloyd while other major programs have had their issues of rebuilding. So good for him with that. I also understand we had injuries to key players all year.

However, we played unbelievably boring and un-creative (non-creative?) all year long. If I had a dollar for every quick toss to Maningham for a two yard gain I’d be going to Red Robin for a burger and milkshake a lot. And then Lloyd goes out in his last game and opens up the play book with reverses, passes to offensive linemen, halfback tosses, onside kicks, etc. Where was any of this the last 5 times we’ve lost to Ohio State???? Why did he suddenly open it up in his last game? Why not do this WAY EARLIER? Needless to say I was very confused/thrilled with the game on Tuesday. If only we had played with that creativity (both offensively and defensively) all year… and last year too.

Bring on Rich Rodriguez and I hope Lloyd enjoys his retirement. It was time.

One thought on “Oh Lloyd

  1. ok…you know what….i think lloyd is such a nice man. he seems very sweet and gentle. i like him and i’m really going to miss him as the coach of michigan.

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