National Adoption Month

November is half-way over. I know I am slacking on blogging (as well as many other areas of my life) but a bunch of things have moved higher on the priority list. I hate when I don’t have time to do lots of the things I would love to do (like actually complete this) but we are busy with our two boys and life. Regardless, I started a post about National Adoption Month on November 1st and a few things have happened this week that make me want to get this quick post out.

I know I talk about foster care a lot and I worry that I’m over-doing it sometimes. I worry about what people think. Do they think we are “holier-than-thou?” Do they think I’m trying to guilt them into something? I should probably stop worrying so much. I know what my intentions are (they are neither of those things). God put orphans on my heart early in life and it is a passion that has only increased in recent years. And, I think this is why:

We’ve had many kids in our home and I’ve seen even more when at our foster agency. They are beautiful and wonderful and once you see them, they are hard to forget. I know that we cannot take every kid. We can only parent the ones that God has planned for our family but I have to hope and pray that there are more families willing to foster and adopt.

And I know that there are other families who are called to do this. Early this year, a friend and I stayed up late one night and she let me share about foster care and adoption with her. My encouragement to her was to pray and read Adopted for Life. This week, they received their license and a phone call shortly after asking them to take in a little boy.

Also early this year, Martina contacted me through this blog. I told her the same thing – pray and read Adopted for Life. Amazing things have happened for Martina and her husband and the girls they have had in their home (read more about it here).

Please know that I’m not trying to nag or guilt or pressure anyone into anything. I know at one point, I never wanted to consider being a foster parent but someoneĀ encouragedĀ us to consider these kids and I am forever grateful for that. Don’t be afraid to ask God, “Is this what you have for us?” And, for National Adoption Month, will you consider praying about it (for real) and reading Adopted for Life?

8 thoughts on “National Adoption Month

  1. I love how passionate you are about adoption and foster care. Clearly, it’s infectious. Don’t ever apologize for it. That’s a precious gift God is using to move in the lives of others….and that’s pretty amazing to watch from the sidelines! Love you guys!

    <3 Meredith

  2. You have totally inspired me! I am thankful that you speak out about what is important to you AND you actually live it out! (And don’t worry, you do it nicely!)

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