For the sake of this post, lets say our last name is Baracus since we don’t use our full names on the blog or podcast.

The boys have been learning their new last name for the past few months. D2 picked up on it a little bit quicker since he is referred to as Mr. Baracus sometimes at school. We have also talked about nick names since occasionally we just call D2 “D” for short. He told my dad not too long ago that he would like to be called “Baracus” which was pretty cute. He has also started calling me “Mom” which, of course, is the nickname for my real name, “Mommy.”

We have spent some time talking about what we would like their middle names to be. They both had no idea that people even have middle names. After talking about several ideas, we finally picked two that had some meaning to us and went well with their first names. We have talked more about adoption and we told them their new middle names. Which are…

I figured middle names would be pretty safe to share on here. We chose Isaiah because of its meaning, “God is Salvation”. Also, I have several favorite verses from that book of the Bible. Isaac means “laughter” and well, that just fits our little guy. They have had fun sharing their new middle names with people.

In our last bit of naming news, D2 also made the decision to spell his first name a different way. This was something we had discussed because his first name was long and it looks a little funny with our last name. I was pretty sure he would choose the original spelling but he surprised me.

I sat down with him yesterday and told him he had to make a big decision. I wrote out both spellings on a piece of paper, spelled each one out loud for him and counted the number of letters in each name. He was adamant that he preferred the new spelling.  I explained to him that we would spell his name this way for the rest of his life and he still chose the new spelling. When I asked him why, he said, “Because it is shorter.” He is pretty excited about this change and has asked me to spell it the new way with him several times. It was actually really awesome to see him be so confident in making this decision.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering if you were going to make any changes to their names at the adoption (besides last name, of course.) I love the middle names you chose. Isaiah is one of my top names for a boy and also the location some of my favorite verses. Isaac is great too, and goes well with Isaiah. That’s really neat that D2 understood and opted to change the spelling of his name. I bet there are a lot of adults out there with difficult to spell names that wish they could have been led to that decision at 5.

  2. I love this. Love the middle names. Love the stories.

    How did you pick Baracus for a pseudonym? Just curious. You know how I love creating fake names.

    This also reminded me of the time when Linda started calling me “Mom” instead of “Mommy.” I forgot about how novel she felt it was, and how suddenly-too-big she seemed to me. Thanks for bringing back up that sweet memory!

    • We were trying to stay in theme with 80s TV show inspired names, like McGyver. I suggested Belvedere but D is a huge fan of the A-Team so Baracus won out.

      I agree – I was not ready for “Mom” – it does seem very grown up. When he wants something or is feeling extra affectionate, he reverts to “Mama” which I will take any day 🙂

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